Handmade Study Units

Study units and bookcases

Our qualified team of carpenters and joiners can work closely with clients to achieve the desired article they require for their study from style, finish, material and budget.

Skilled carpenters

Our skilled carpenters can make a whole study of wall units or just one single wall unit. If you live in an old cottage where the walls and floors are uneven and not level we can make units to suit any situation.

Study units and bookshelves can be made from many types of materials to achieve the finish the client wants. Some of the study units we have made and fitted recently have been made from MDF. MDF is a very durable product which can be machined easily with care and worked with to achieve many different applications.

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MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)

The benefit of using MDF is that it can be painted to give a smooth blemish-free finish to furniture. This is due to the absence of knots and sapwood shakes, etc as this material is manmade and not a natural product.

MDF also comes in large sheet material and can be cut to form large stable panels – ideal for large bookcases and library uses. MDF doesn’t have to be painted.... MDF can come with a veneer on the face i.e. oak veneer, ash veneer, beech veneer, mahogany veneer, etc.

Using MDF as a building material for study units, book cases and book shelves is considerably cheaper than using solid material to form the units and of course is good for our environment.

We can cut the veneered MDF panels down and then edge with the solid material chosen so giving you the appearance of solid wood.

Study bookcases can be built from solid material i.e. ash, beech, oak, etc. this normally depends on the budget and the clients requirements.

We can form many types of study units from wall mounted study units, floor mounted and some that can be moved about. We can make the study units to fit around televisions, home entertainment systems and large plasma TVs.

Each unit can be made with opening doors via concealed hinges, face mounted hinges or sliding doors. There is a vast number of hinges and iron monger from which to choose. Just ask our carpenters for iron monger advice.

bookshelving units bookcase wall units

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Shelving Units

We can form shelving so it can be moved to the required height on adjustable shelving systems, which can be coloured brass, bronze or chrome.

Electrical Services for studies

We can help with any electrical services from TV connections to extra wall or floor mounted sockets and additional lighting.


As well as sorting out the electrics for your study, we can also decorate your room. Our decoration services cover painting, waxing and oiling your finished study bookcase.

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